Japanese media: There will be no spectators for about 40% of the Tokyo Olympics|car game real cash-online rummy game for real cash

Japanese media: There will be no spectators for about 40% of the Tokyo Olympics

鈿斤笍At present, Yan Junling, Japanese goalkeeper Kwon Tian Shuichi, South Korean goalkeeper Zhao Xianyou and North Korean goalkeeper, a total of 4 people, are the only remaining golden goalkeepers in this world preliminaries. Although the national football team was tied by the Philippines in the last round, Yan Junling, who has kept 3 clean sheets, is a key factor for the national football team to continue. Although the Syrian team's offensive strength is good, if the national football defense line does not take the initiative to make mistakes, it is difficult for the Syrian team to easily score in the national football team.

鈿斤笍It seems that Zhang Linpeng will continue to start, even if he is injured, he will continue to play, and Yan Junling's performance is more critical than the previous 3 world preliminaries. After the Chinese Super League Golden Gloves helped Shanghai SIPG win the championship for the first time last year, the time has come to prove itself in international competitions, guard the national football goal, and meet the strongest challenge after the start of the top 40. In tonight's game of the national football team, whether Yan Junling can continue to defend his golden body has become a key factor and point of view for the smooth qualifying. Of course, the goalkeeper is the last hurdle, and the stability of the entire defensive line is inseparable from the collective efforts of the defensive players. Do a good job of defense, the national football game will not have a bad ending.For more information on 銆朞fficial Announcement: China-Syria battle list is in place, Evergrande Tiewei played with an injury, SIPG will be the key銆? please continue to pay attention to the sports comprehensive column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news .

鈿斤笍As early as half a month ago, China assisted Syria with 1,152 tons of rice and a batch of customs materials, and these aids have now been in place. And half a month later, the Chinese football team also continued to "carry forward the spirit" and once again "aided" the Syrians, and this time forced coach Lippi to fire himself directly after the game!鈿斤笍When the stranded people in Syria ate Chinese rice, they also saw another good news, that is, the Syrian team defeated the Chinese team 2-1 at the "home" in the World Cup qualifiers, and while winning 4 consecutive victories, it was almost locked A place in the round of 12. Eating Chinese rice and winning the Chinese men's football team, China is really not thin to Syria. A humiliating game, the coach Lippi was so angry after the game that he announced his decision to resign at the post-match press conference. After the Asian Cup defeat, Lippi announced his resignation for the second time, and the real reason for the resignation was almost the same.

鈿斤笍If Wang Gang's dislocation in the first half led to an easy header from the opponent's player, it is not an obvious mistake. After all, the cunning play of Syria's No. 10 Mavas created opportunities for his teammates. Then in the second half, when the national football team still has a certain advantage, Lippi's Zhang Linpeng staged an "Infernal Affairs" own goal, which was the last straw to bend Lippi. In fact, the Chinese team has not reached the point of exhaustion after losing. After all, the second place in the group still has a high probability of qualifying. But what Lippi hates most is the lack of fighting spirit of national football players.鈿斤笍 Zhang Linpeng's mistake is just a microcosm of the national football player's field. It stands to reason that it is not easy for Zhang Linpeng to play with an injury, but other than him, Wu Lei's single-handed stop is too large, Wei Shihao's cross flew into the stands, and Wang Gang's sudden loss of position, the collection of all the national football mistakes, let Lippi felt angry and helpless. Lippi believes that the national football players have no problems in training, but they are psychologically timid when it comes to key games. The game in which Lippi resigned in the Asian Cup was also a low-level mistake by his beloved Evergrande defender Feng Xiaoting, which devastated the national football team psychologically. The same is true in this game. The goal of the national football team is not how well the opponents played, but because they made too low-level mistakes. Just like sending thousands of tons of rice, giving the other side a victory for nothing.

鈿斤笍 And Lippi, who was considered too stubborn, also paid the price for his employment. In the starting lineup that was tied by the Philippines last game, he remained stubborn and stubborn, and as a result, he also swallowed the bitter fruit in this game. The player's performance is indeed unsatisfactory, but as a coach is to change the status quo of Chinese football. Since there is no way to change, Lippi's voluntary resignation does not seem to be impulsive, but has long been prepared. If the coach's heart is shaken, how can the team play well. Perhaps Lippi has inadvertently brought this emotion to the players.鈿斤笍 However, when it comes to resigning, Lippi still has a "conscience" to give up his huge annual salary. However, being "put together" by the beloved disciple did make the old man a little sad. In front of the most trusted love general, trust is dead. The failure of the national football team is a comprehensive reason, and Zhang Linpeng is just a small end to this complete failure. The Football Association invited Lippi to go to Lippi's second palace, and a series of controversial operations had already laid the groundwork. After Lippi leaves, I believe that the work of naturalized players of the national football team will also appear a cliff. A loss to the Syrian team, followed by a chain reaction.

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