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"618" sports consumption: Nike leads the three lists of sports outdoor, brand and sports children

At the press conference, a special package was packed on the spot. The package contains the emblem of the previous Asian Games produced by the host city authorized by the Olympic Council of Asia for the first time, the badge with the combined logo of the Hangzhou Asian Games and YTO Express, and the YTO Express boy's Asian Games version of the work uniform. The package will be delivered to the Olympic Council of Asia headquarters in Kuwait through YTO Express's international network across Asia.

With the signing and release of YTO Express, the official partners, official sponsors and official suppliers of the Hangzhou Asian Games have fully blossomed, and the total number of sponsor companies that have signed and released has exceeded 30. Next, the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee will adhere to the work philosophy of demand orientation and win-win cooperation, continue to accelerate the pace of market development, attract more sponsoring companies to participate in the preparations for the Asian Games, and work together to create a session with "Chinese characteristics, Zhejiang style, The Asian Games event with the charm and splendor of Hangzhou鈥?The 2020 NBA draft has been postponed for five months due to the new crown epidemic, and will not be held until November 19. According to traditional practice, the NBA draft will be held in late June.

Guard Cade Cunningham from the Oklahoma Cowboys is considered the biggest favorite in the 2021 draft,On March 30, data from the Sensor Tower store platform showed that Tencent's "PUBG Mobile" (combined with "Peace Elite" revenue) will attract $2.7 billion in 2020, and the global cumulative revenue will reach $5.1 billion.

On March 30, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee revealed on the 29th that 18 Olympic test events will be organized since the beginning of April, some of which intend to invite overseas athletes and Japanese spectators to participate.Organizers plan to hold 18 test races ahead of the Tokyo Olympics this summer, 17 of which will be in Tokyo, and Sapporo will host a marathon test race on May 5.

"Football News" revealed that, with the help of relevant departments, a company under Tianjin Food Group has been confirmed to become the new sponsor of the club, with a sponsorship amount of about 30 million. This figure is not a big deal for the operation of the club. Abundant. In addition, there is still no definite answer as to how the club's debt problem, including the unpaid wages of the players, will be resolved. Although there are still some remaining issues to be resolved, now that the access has been passed, the Jinmen Tigers have opened a new chapter. Although notOn March 29, according to Xinhua News Agency, the National Games Village of the 14th National Games was officially unveiled in the Xi'an International Port Area, which marked the completion of the construction of the Xi'an Games Village. Complete all furniture handling and home appliance installation before April 15.

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