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"Hello, City of Double Olympics" Beijing releases the latest Winter Olympics promotional video

The race for the league title

"I think Manchester City has raised the bar a lot for Premier League teams to win titles, the standard has changed, you can't lose games anymore. The kind of consistency they've shown over the last three years is unbelievable and it's hard to do So they became league champions two years ago and last season we were two teams chasing each other, inspiring each other, and in the end they won it in an unbelievable way.鈥"It's very difficult to get to the Premier League, it's a strong league and you can look at the quality of the teams. Watford looked like they had no chance and were going to be relegated, but after a change of coaches, Pearson's Under the leadership, they played well at Anfield, they won the following week and the situation around the relegation zone was tense again."

"Now all the teams are fighting for points, it looked like the top four had left the rest of the team behind and then all of a sudden seven or eight teams have a chance to qualify for the Champions League and Europa League. You have to do it for every three days. Play a game and be prepared and try to win. We know this, so we don't dwell on the last win or the next game, we only think about the next game. Solve all the difficulties And trouble, have a realistic plan for the game, that's what we do."Was there a celebratory party after the Club World Cup victory?

"Football is the same as life, if you get complacent with just a little bit of success and soon you realise it's your last success, I'd never go to a party for no reason in my life. But if we have Party for good reason and I'll be 100 per cent into it. I can wait because we can't forget that there's a lot to do in the team and then we have Leicester.""It was a special feeling to win the Club World Cup, but we didn't have a crazy party because we knew we had to play again on Thursday. We knew Leicester were going to do everything they could to challenge us, they had Our goals, we're used to games like this, but we have to prove it on the pitch, it's not difficult to switch from one game to another."

"We're not going to get carried away for no reason, absolutely not, we're totally focused on the next step and that's how I always work."For more information on "3 Days 2 Games is a crime Manchester City raises the threshold of the championship", please continue to pay attention to the scientific and technological information column, the editor will continue to update you with more scientific and technological information.

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