The Internet loves sports! Sweden's "NetEase Cloud" Spotify titled Barcelona's Camp Nou|play game earn paytm cash website-online rummy game for real cash

The Internet loves sports! Sweden's "NetEase Cloud" Spotify titled Barcelona's Camp Nou

When talking about the introduction of top international sports and e-sports events for the Shenzhen government and the creation of a national "Internet celebrity" sports landmark, China Television Sports proposed to create an e-sports IP for Shenzhen. In this regard, Wang Zhiqiang pointed out that e-sports events are a very big blue ocean in the future, and he hopes that Shenzhen, the birthplace of e-sports games, can keep up. At the same time, local companies such as China Television Sports are also welcome to make good use of relevant resources, so that more sports and e-sports events can grow in the fertile soil of Shenzhen.

Liu Ang pointed out that e-sports is a new industry that represents a new economy and a new business format, and Shenzhen is a young city. E-sports and Shenzhen's urban image are very compatible. It is necessary to create a "net celebrity" sports suitable for young people. Landmark, to enhance the city image of Shenzhen, and to be integrated with various districts.In addition to e-sports, related topics such as youth training venue operation and "4:30 activities" were also discussed at the meeting. China Television Sports expressed its hope to provide a venue for local youth training clubs and sports training business that is in line with long-term development. Meng Man said that with regard to sports venues and the "4:30 event", Futian companies such as China Sports Sports will be welcomed first, and resources such as the Education Bureau will be introduced in the future for cooperation.

Vice Mayor Wu made a concluding speech at the meeting. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, General Secretary Xi also deeply clarified the important position and role of sports in the overall development of the party and the country, and put forward clear requirements for accelerating the construction of a strong sports country. This time, I came to China Television Sports to conduct research, which was eye-catching, opened up new fields for the sports industry, "made something out of nothing", and explored more innovative business models. As a new form of sports and a new economy, it is a very new idea, which is different from the traditional sports industry.At the same time, Vice Mayor Wu also highly recognized the idea of China Sports Sports to create an e-sports IP, saying that the government will actively promote the development of sports and the sports industry, and cooperate with projects that are beneficial to the development of the city and society. In addition, the financial support should look at the whole city, from Futian to Guangming, Pingshan, Longgang, Baoan and more regions to open up their horizons, open up ideas, and implant all the country's advantageous resources into Shenzhen as a first demonstration. "Seeing that the post-90s generation of CTS Sports has developed so well, the general secretary said that in 70 years, we still have at least 30 years. I wish Shenzhen a better future!"

At the end of the event, the cartoonist of China Television Sports also excitedly gave the sketched portrait of the scene to Vice Mayor Wu. Deputy Mayor Wu said that he was grateful for the creativity of China Television Sports, and was glad to see that the post-90s generation of China Television Sports had grown up as the main force of the company's development. He hoped that there will be more new ideas and practices like China Television Sports in the future Enterprises that actually take action are emerging.On October 29, SPORTFIVE/Lagard猫re announced that it has reached an exclusive partnership with the Royal Spanish Football Federation and will become the exclusive market development and sponsorship marketing agency of the Spanish Football Federation in China. As the exclusive official business partner of the Spanish Football Association in China, SPORTFIVE will carry out all-round business development for the Spanish Football Association, helping brands tailor their cooperation rights and marketing activation plans around the Spanish national team.

In addition, SPORTFIVE will also help the Spanish national football team (Selecci贸n de f煤tbol de Espa帽a) build a more solid fan base in China on digital media and build up energy for next year's European Cup. With the help of SPORTFIVE, the Spanish national football team will officially enter Sina Weibo in early November, using this platform to build a bridge of in-depth communication with Chinese fans.Founded in 1913, the Spanish national football team is a traditional strong team in European football and currently ranks sixth in the FIFA rankings. The Spanish national team won the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, the European Cup in 1964, 2008 and 2012, and the men's soccer championship in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Spain is unique in modern football with its iconic pass-and-control play. In the 2008 European Cup, the 2010 World Cup, and the 2012 European Cup, the Spanish national team, known as the "Golden Generation", won three championships in a row. , setting a peak record that no one has ever surpassed. The Spanish national team has produced many talents and stars, from Hierro, Guardiola, to Raul, Guti, to Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, and now De Gea, Ramos, Thiago, a football superstar from generation to generation, has left a deep imprint on the hearts of countless fans.

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