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American Gold Rush! Italy international Insigne joins MLS Toronto FC

鈿斤笍This morning's game is their only winless game outside of this qualifier against Germany. The penalty kick won by the Northern Ireland team was kicked away by their captain, and the Dutch team, who had repeatedly scored good chances, failed to seize the opportunity, and a draw just enough to qualify was born. The Dutch team's qualifying is actually not a disaster, after all, the first in this group is still the German team. It can only be said that the Dutch team made no mistakes in the contest against the weaker teams. The good news is that newcomers to the Dutch team coached by Koeman are now emerging. De Jong, De Ligt, and the stable world No. 1 central defender captain Van Dijk have all become the backbone of Dutch football at this stage.

鈿斤笍 But the Dutch team also has obvious shortcomings. Although they scored 19 goals in the first 6 games of the qualifiers, it can also be seen that this Dutch team is not blooming. The striker with the most appearances is the 32-year-old veteran Babel. As a winger, he is not the attacking core that Dutch football can rely on. In addition, the performances of Luc de Jong, Promes and Boguis are also unconvincing. However, in the qualifiers, they really did not receive any heavyweight test except against the declining German team. This is not the same as the situation when the previous World Cup qualifiers and the European Cup qualifiers were eliminated. This time the difficulty factor of qualifying is significantly reduced. Except for Germany, no other team can compete with it in this group.鈿斤笍 Depay, who carried the offensive banner in the national team, scored 12 goals (6 goals and 6 assists) in 5 games. In addition to the performance of Liverpool midfielder Werner Dum with 5 goals and 2 assists, he became the orange jersey in this qualifier. Legion's thigh. Among the midfield and backfield players, the newcomers to Dutch football can still keep up, but from the perspective of striker and attack, the Dutch team is far from reaching the historical heights of Dutch football before. The current Dutch team actually has a big shortcoming, that is, the absolute killer, the excellent super striker. Depay's ability is not bad, but in terms of temperament and absolute strength, there is a clear gap between him and the first-class striker in Europe.

鈿斤笍The Dutch team, which has reached the finals, is currently lacking the super killer. In many previous competitions, Dutch football has at least one world-class famous striker. From Van Basten, Kluivert, Ruud van Nistelrooy, to Van Persie and Huntelaar, the big strikers of Dutch football are always at hand. . However, the current Dutch team still has shortcomings in the front line. Even compared with the German team, they also lack a reassuring core killer. If this problem is not resolved in the European Cup finals next year, the shortcomings will be magnified and even become a fatal factor. Therefore, the real revival of Dutch football still needs to make up for this shortcoming.For more information on "After missing two competitions, the Netherlands has finally completed its recovery, but a shortcoming is still fatal", please continue to pay attention to the sports comprehensive column, and the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.

鈿斤笍On the evening of the 17th, Portugal faced Luxembourg away in the final round of the European Cup qualifiers, while their rival Serbia played at home against Ukraine, which had already qualified in advance. Since Portugal and Serbia have only a 1-point lead, the two games are about the life and death of the two teams, and neither side dares to make any mistakes.鈿斤笍Before this game, the Portugal team led by Ronaldo had just beat Lithuania 6-0. Cristiano Ronaldo himself scored a hat-trick, bringing him to 10 goals in the qualifiers. The scorer list in the qualifiers is only 1 goal behind Kane and Zahavi, who are tied for the first place. Therefore, whether or not to score a goal in the game with Luxembourg is not only related to the smooth promotion of Portugal, but also to Ronaldo's qualifier golden boot.

鈿斤笍In the game, Cristiano Ronaldo still performed hard. In the first half, he made many threatening attacks and nearly scored. The player who finally scored for Portugal was midfielder Bruno Fernandes. However, when the game entered the second half, Ronaldo finally found the opportunity to score. In the 86th minute, he grabbed a supplementary shot on the Luxembourg goal line and scored the ball. The Portuguese team finally secured a key victory of 2-0 and successfully squeezed out the qualifying opponent Serbia, thus advancing to the finals of next year's European Cup.鈿斤笍Although there is only one goal, this goal is of great significance. Cristiano Ronaldo continues to set the record for scoring goals in international competitions within Europe, reaching 99 goals. At the same time, the 14th goal of this year's international competition was recorded, creating his personal annual international A-level competition scoring record. Previously, scoring 13 goals in 13 national team games in 2016 was his personal record. Unexpectedly, at the age of 34, he broke the previous record and scored 14 goals in one year! All the goals this year came from official games, with 3 goals in the UEFA Nations League and 11 goals in the European Cup qualifiers.

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