East Asia Cup National Football Team 1-0 Hong Kong, China won the first victory with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss to end the journey|call break paytm cash game-online rummy game for real cash

East Asia Cup National Football Team 1-0 Hong Kong, China won the first victory with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss to end the journey

It can be said that the referee Chris Kavanagh indirectly assisted Manchester City's goal. According to the rules of football, the referee should have given a penalty for a dropped ball, but VAR finally deemed Manchester City's goal valid. The slow-motion replay showed that referee Chris Kavanagh had raised his foot to avoid the football at the time, and it seemed that the Sheffield United player behind him touched the ball with his foot at De Bruyne's feet.

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder said of the goal after the game, "It absolutely changed the game. I went to the referee and he was very frank, we all make mistakes and I think he made mistakes too. If the referee touches the ball then it has to be a dropped ball, he blocked our pass and he should have made a wise decision. Also, our goal was disallowed by VAR, the Premier League goal this weekend was disallowed by VAR There are eight or nine balls."And Sheffield United player Flake said that the ball may not have touched the referee at that time, but the player behind him. "The referee blocked our passing route. He didn't do it on purpose. It will happen. This unfortunate moment does have an impact, but complaining is useless. The rule of football is that if the referee touches the ball, the game should be called off, but he was just standing in the passing lane, which It's not going to stop the game, we're just unlucky."

Want to know more about "The referee blocks the ball and "assists" Manchester City's goal? VAR: He didn't touch the ball" for more information, please continue to pay attention to the scientific and technological information column, the editor will continue to update you with more scientific and technological information.Urban white-collar workers pursue taste, but going to work every day is like suffering, so let the editor give you some psychological comfort. The weather is good today, and it's a good time to read the latest news and relax. Get the melon seed bench ready, let's take a look together. On December 29, Beijing time, the Bundesliga club Dortmund officially announced the signing of 19-year-old Norwegian striker Haaland. The new striker was a Manchester United signing target, but the media revealed that Manchester United were unwilling to meet the requirements of the player's agent Raiola, so Haaland was eventually taken by Dortmund.

Haaland has scored 28 goals in 22 appearances for Red Bull Salzburg this season, including 8 in the Champions League. He is the most promising striker in European football. The transfer fee for Dortmund to sign Haaland this time is only 20 million euros, but the famous football reporter Nicola Sheila revealed that Dortmund also paid Haaland's father 10 million euros, in addition to Haaland's agent Rai Ola received a commission of 15 million euros, so Dortmund's actual cost to sign Haaland is 45 million euros.In addition, Haaland's annual salary at Dortmund started at 6 million euros and increased to 8 million euros in the third year. And more importantly, the "Times" said that the agent Raiola also asked for a release clause in Haaland's contract, and the release clause was only 50 million euros.

ESPN's Manchester United reporter Rob Dawson said, "Manchester United are really interested in Haaland, but they refused to accept the terms proposed by Raiola and the players' representatives. They want to include a release clause and a second transfer in the contract. There would be a split clause, and United said no to that. Dortmund should have chosen to agree to those terms."The "Sun" also disclosed that after Raiola made these demands, Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward personally ordered the termination of Haaland's transfer negotiations. The incident could lead to a worsening of the relationship between United and Raiola, which in turn could affect the departure or retention of Pogba, another of Raiola's players.

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